Zusammenhang von Alter und Geschlecht mit Mortalität nach adjuvanter Therapie beim Nierenzellkarzinom (RCC): Subgruppenanalyse der ASSURE (E2805) -Studie.

ASCO Annual Meeting 2018 – Abstract: No. 575, Mamtani, R et al.: ASSURE-Studie

Association of age and sex with mortality following adjuvant therapy for renal cell cancer (RCC): Subgroup analysis of the ASSURE (E2805) trial.



“Adjuvant sunitinib after nephrectomy was associated with increased mortality among older women, which may be explained by increased risk of RCC recurrence. These findings, if validated, highlight the importance of considering sex and age on VEGF-TKI treatment outcomes, future study designs, and RCC tumor biology.”


Clinical trial information: NCT00326898


Quelle:Mamtani, R et al. ASCO 2018, General Session, General Session 8: Comprehensive Characterization and Management of the Incidental Renal Mass

J Clin Oncol 36, 2018 (suppl 6S; abstr 575)